Monthly Archive:: August 2010

When Jet Blue’s Ship Came In, They Were At the Airport

Well, of course they were at the airport. They’re an airline. My point is that by not responding quickly to the Steven Slater Beer-Slide incident, they’ve really missed the boat on kicking off a great conversation about and among an entire industry and its customers. The conversation is kicked off, and JetBlue is a major [&hellip

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Dear Google: It Ain’t a Free Trial If You Charge Me

I have been a Google brand advocate for over a decade. Fell on their search engine like a starving dog when it launched in beta in ’98 (even then, they really were better than everybody else), and have enthusiastically jumped in on all their web-based tools as they’ve rolled out. Since I switched to an [&hellip

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The (Real) Story on “Mad Men”

First, let me make this clear: I’m a big fan of the Emmy-winning AMC series Mad Men. That said, I go through a veritable buffet of reactions during each episode – fear, loathing, fear AND loathing, and occasionally PTSD. The PTSD and the fear/loathing are inextricably intertwined,  due to the fact that I started my [&hellip

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