Monthly Archive:: November 2010

Did someone say “disruptive”?

I’ve been a disruptive woman for most of my life. Now I get to own that tag officially – I’ve joined the blogroll over at Disruptive Women in Healthcare. As of today, I’m the headline story 😉 It IS my story. And I’m stickin’ to it&#

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The Story on Healthcare Reform…After 11/2/2010

I attended a great Disruptive Women in Health Care event last week: Health Reform After the 2010 Election – Assessing the Viability of Health Insurance in the Aftermath of the Mid-Term Elections. A big title, but it’s a big topic. In a series of panel discussions, a varied group of healthcare policy wonks and a [&hellip

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The Story on Healthcare IT: Creating Connections

The highest and best use of IT in healthcare is to create strong, healthy connections between doctors and their patients. One of the most critical pieces of that is giving patients access – both to their health data, and to their healthcare providers – along with permission to engage. I attended the Virginia chapter of [&hellip

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