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Etsy: When Grassroots Burst Into Flame

Etsy, the site that lets producers and consumers of all sorts of stuff buy and sell directly to their customers, has a terrific little business model. Talented folks from around the world can sell their arts, and crafts, without having to go thru a middleman: retail stores. That said, not every item on Etsy is [&hellip

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Enterprise’s Honors Boldly Goes…Overboard

How very ironic that the just-relieved-of-command USS Enterprise skipper‘s last name is Honors, particularly since the end of his career in the US Navy (trust me, kids – he’s through) demonstrates a singular lack of honor, and of common sense. If you haven’t been paying attention, here are the basic facts: Capt. Owen Honors, who [&hellip

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Wikileaks, Clay Shirky, and the Thinkiness of It All

I’ve been fascinated by the Wikileaks/Afghan Papers story since it started to gain traction in June 2010. One of my gurus, the endlessly entertaining and thought-provoking Clay Shirky, posted a New Year’s Eve gift on his blog looking at the differences between the Pentagon Papers case and its 21st century doppelganger, Wikileaks. Clay’s most cogent [&hellip

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