Monthly Archive:: March 2011

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Sucks & What To Do About It

You can spend a lot of worthwhile time on LinkedIn – it’s a great place to study industry trends, listen to meaningful conversations, and keep an eye on your competitors. What does your LinkedIn profile say about YOU? Sure, it’s got a chronological list of all the great companies you’ve worked for, and the degree(s) [&hellip

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Failure to Study History Leads to Lather, Rinse…Repeat

The 24-hour news cycle guarantees that the old truism “Don’t [expletive deleted] up on a slow news day” remains evergreen. Just ask Gilbert Gottfried – or, on second thought, don’t ask him, so we don’t have to hear that nails-on-blackboard voice. Aflac got an “F” in history by not studying Mr. Gottfried’s history – particularly [&hellip

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