In re Imus, I think this is freakin’ ridiculous. I find what he said repellent, but then I find everything that comes out of Howard Stern’s friggin’ mouth repellent, yet I have never cried out for his banishment from the airwaves. Imus has always made me laugh more than he’s ever pissed me off.

He’s being hoist by the petard of Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington (I’m still struggling to figure out what THAT was all about), and any other celeb who’s caught with his/her kicks in his/her mouth.

The hip-hop world has a lot to answer for in its ever-escalating “doin’ the dozens” invective – why is “nappy headed hos” something the black community can call each other, but god forbid those words should fall from thin, pale lips?

No justice, no peace. I found Jesse Jackson (don’t make me laugh) and Al “Jheri Curl” Sharpton on my TV this morning and was looking around for my gun. I almost did an Elvis. I’m so very sick of those who drape themselves in victim-hood. Almost as much as I’m sick of those who wear white hoods. Racists, all…IMHO, at least.

ENOUGH already!!
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