Need to get up to speed quickly for a big presentation? Quick Start is for you.

How it works: You meet with Casey for a total of 10 hours, working on your story’s theme, through-line, slides, the whole enchilada. The time is best spent in 2 hour chunks, with a day’s break in between. If you’ve only got a week, you’ll meet with Casey for 2 hours every day for 5 days.

What you’ll have at the end of Quick Start:

  • A presentation and slide deck that will help you tell your remarkable story clearly, and with style.
  • Your presentation can be expanded or contracted as needed – for example, if the event you’re preparing for has you on the podium for 30 minutes, but you’d like to be able to give this same speech in 15 and 45 minute versions, you’ll have that in hand. Including slides.
  • A professionally produced video slide-cast, including narration, that you can share on the web.
  • The confidence to inspire, inform, and motivate your audiences.

The cost? Quick Start is $1,000.00.

Interested? Contact us.