Are you getting asked to speak frequently? Congratulations! Do you have a Story Bank?

A Story Bank is a set of presentations that you can give at short notice, that you’ve prepared and rehearsed to the point that you don’t need notes. Sound good?

Here’s how Story Bank works:

  • You meet with Casey for 25-30 hours, working on your story themes, through-lines, slides, the whole enchilada platter. The time is best spent in 2 hour chunks, with a day’s break in between.
  • Working with Casey, you’ll develop slide decks to support your presentations.
  • After the first two sessions, every meeting will include a projector and rehearsal time.

What you’ll have at the end of Story Bank:

  • A suite of 3 presentations that are appropriate for a variety of audiences, that tell your story with clarity and style.
  • Your  Story Bank presentations will be formatted in 2 or 3 lengths, giving you flexibility on time and no loss of message impact. Including slides.
  • Professionally produced video slide-casts of your presentation slide decks, including narration, that you can share on the web.
  • The confidence to inspire, inform, and motivate your audiences.

The cost? Story Bank is $2,500.00 to $4,000.00

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