You can spend a lot of worthwhile time on LinkedIn – it’s a great place to study industry trends, listen to meaningful conversations, and keep an eye on your competitors.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about YOU?

Sure, it’s got a chronological list of all the great companies you’ve worked for, and the degree(s) you’ve earned. It’s got some information on your interests, and a listing of the groups you’re part of.

But what does it say about you…really?

Does your Summary list a blizzard of buzz-words, or an assortment of acronyms? What does it say, in real words, about the value you deliver to your customers? Is your Experience list just a straight list of companies, job titles, and years there?

Even if you’re on a corporate payroll, you’ve got customers. Customer #1 is your boss, and Customer #2 thru infinity are your boss’s and your company’s customers. Every single one of them.

When a potential customer Googles your company, LinkedIn results appear. Which means your profile could be on view. What does it say about you, your company, and your value?

If your LinkedIn profile reads like an old-school job application – and that’s so 20th century – here’s how to turn it into a 21st century value statement:

  1. Clearly state who you are – what you bring to the table, what your talents are, and what kind of terrific value you’ve delivered over your career.
  2. Clearly state why you matter – why do you do what you do? What fires your enthusiasm? How do you inspire others?
  3. Make it clear who should care – obviously, your boss is someone who should care that you show up. Who else might be on that list? What do THEY do – what job titles make that list? How would you make a difference to those folks?

Interview colleagues, co-workers, former bosses, your professors. Find out what kind of impact you’ve had on them. Work on putting that into a compelling narrative statement about who you are, why you matter, and how you make a difference. Tell that story in your Summary, and in every section of your Experience.

Everybody’s got a list of jobs on their resumes, and their LinkedIn profiles. What they really need is a great story.

If you need help putting together that great story, let me know.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’  to it.



Why Your LinkedIn Profile Sucks & What To Do About It
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