Here’s the full experience of “Jeopardy Meets the Price Is Right, ‘Cause Your Life Is Always in Jeopardy & the Price Is Never Right” from HXRefactored in 2017:

HXR 2017: Casey Quinlan: Jeopardy + The Price Is Right: Health Care Mashup Edition from HxRefactored on Vimeo.

From MedMo16 in New York, And Now For Something Completely Different.

A short snort of me in action, doing an Ignite talk at #cinderblocks1 in 2012:

Casey’s one-sheet

Need a powerful—and entertainingkeynote for your next conference or corporate meeting?

I’ve spent over two decades telling powerful stories. Covering news across the globe for a major network—presidential campaigns, wars, presidential campaigns that turned into wars, and the occasional sporting event—I learned how to tell a great story.

My background in broadcasting, coupled with my experience as a stand-up comedian, guarantees business insight delivered with high entertainment value.

Give us a call to book Casey to fire up and inspire your next meeting or conference.


  • Improv-ing Your Communication Skills – the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in an organization can often arise quickly.  Being fully prepared for those “right here, right now” conversations might seem impossible, but learning improv skills sharpens your mental and verbal readiness to respond—brilliantly—in the moment.
  • Comedy Skills for the Non-Comedian—you need to use humor to present your ideas effectively, to defuse tension, to foster group cohesion.  Memorizing something off isn’t the answer, though—humor needs to be authentic and organic to be truly effective. This program shows the best connect-the-dots approach to developing your own “comedy”, giving you tools that you can use today, tomorrow and forever to weave humor into your speaking style.