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Why Your LinkedIn Profile Sucks & What To Do About It

You can spend a lot of worthwhile time on LinkedIn – it’s a great place to study industry trends, listen to meaningful conversations, and keep an eye on your competitors. What does your LinkedIn profile say about YOU? Sure, it’s got a chronological list of all the great companies you’ve worked for, and the degree(s) [&hellip

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The Story (& the Song) Remain the Same

I think I'm on to something. Not that this is entirely a surprise, but it's nice when the universe sends you positive feedback fast. Today, the Greater Richmond Technology Council had an IT recruiter + candidate mixer called TechNOW. Given the current landscape locally, with Qimonda closing its chip plant, Genworth dealing with a mortgage-market [&hellip

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The Story on the Whole Jobs Thing (at Least AFAIC…)

Jobs numbers have, to quote Forbes Magazine, fallen “off the table”. Everyone knows at least a dozen people who are un-, or at least under, employed. And several more who are decidedly nervous about their continued employment. Here’s what I’ve been thinking for quite a long time now: jobs are dead. Long live daily individual [&hellip

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