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Why Is Storytelling So Important?

I’ve been hammering away at this storytelling thing for quite some time, and you might be asking yourself by now why I think it’s so important. Good question. Best answer? Stories are how we – and by ‘we’ I mean humans – connect with and make sense out of the world around us, and what’s [&hellip

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Features & Benefits?

You’ve got a phenomenal product or service. You’re passionate about what you do. You want to start selling the bejabbers out of what you’ve got. You study sales. You learn that you need to communicate the features & benefits of your stuff. You develop a nice list of features, and a terrific little list of [&hellip

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What’s YOUR story?

Do you talk to panhandlers? How about the compulsory car-wash – you know, the guys at the corner who swarm your car at red lights and “wash” (actually, smear) your windshield? The panhandler and the compulsory car-wash guy are both interruption marketers. They spring out at you as you pass by, simply because you’re in [&hellip

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