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The Story on Richmond’s Entrepreneurs

Richmond’s Venture Forum threw an Entrepreneur Fair…and everybody came!

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Today’s Story on Venture Capital (It’ll Still Be True Tomorrow, Too)

My friend Tom Lawrence of The Equity Companies offered this answer to the question "Are investors fleeing traditional investments and looking for alternative places to stick their cash (like T-bills that pay nothing, but aren't going anywhere) and might they pour cash into VC funding? Or are they hoarding cash and not investing in any [&hellip

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What Recession?

I found myself listening to a pretty powerful group of people talk yesterday about the economic trends in my hometown, Richmond VA.  Jim Bacon, Jeff Cooke, Michael Sesnowitz, and Greg Wingfield all sat around – well, on stage – and talked about whether or not events like the Wachovia Securities move from RVA to St. [&hellip

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