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Healthcare Talk: Patients with Power

I had the chance to participate in a Hangout on Air with Kathi Browne, who is the founder/moderator of the Google+ Healthcare Talk community. If you’re on G+ and in the healthcare industry, that community is one you want to join – lots of discussion on topics from healthcare policy to social media to patient [&hellip

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Enterprise’s Honors Boldly Goes…Overboard

How very ironic that the just-relieved-of-command USS Enterprise skipper‘s last name is Honors, particularly since the end of his career in the US Navy (trust me, kids – he’s through) demonstrates a singular lack of honor, and of common sense. If you haven’t been paying attention, here are the basic facts: Capt. Owen Honors, who [&hellip

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YouTube Storytelling

I’ve hit the big-time. I’m on YouTube. Several moments from my How To Use Improv Skills To Be Brilliant In The Moment workshop

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