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Snowflakes and bitch-slaps at the ePharma Summit

I had the great good fortune of being asked (by WEGO Health) to participate on a panel titled Social Media for Pharma: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell? at the ePharma Summit in New York (#epharma) earlier this week. When the opportunity presented itself, I asked to be registered for the whole event so I [&hellip

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Healthcare a passion of yours? Win an award!

WEGO Health is an online network of people from across the globe who use the internet and social media to connect around health and share health information. WEGO calls us Health Activists, and they’ve  created a special awards program to recognize those Health Activists who are making a real difference in the online health community: [&hellip

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Healthcare: It’s time for us to #arabspring this b*tch

I had the opportunity to speak at a digital pharma marketing conference – DTC Perspectives’ Marketing to the Digital Consumer – last week. “DTC” is Direct To Consumer, by the way. I was representing the patient voice, at the invitation of my friends at the health activist community WEGO Health. It was terrific for several [&hellip

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