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Wikileaks, Clay Shirky, and the Thinkiness of It All

I’ve been fascinated by the Wikileaks/Afghan Papers story since it started to gain traction in June 2010. One of my gurus, the endlessly entertaining and thought-provoking Clay Shirky, posted a New Year’s Eve gift on his blog looking at the differences between the Pentagon Papers case and its 21st century doppelganger, Wikileaks. Clay’s most cogent [&hellip

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Are Afghan Papers the 21st Century’s Pentagon Papers?

Daily Beast’s lead story today reveals that the Justice Dept. and the Pentagon have expanded their investigation of Bradley Manning, the US Army analyst who handed over what I’m calling the Afghan Papers to Wikileaks. As someone who is, um, experienced enough to remember the Pentagon Papers dust-up in 1967 when the war in Vietnam [&hellip

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