Are you in the healthcare sector, and struggling to figure out this whole patient engagement thing? Is your product or innovation team sucking up serious time and money, but never finding the right mix to getting people – clinicians OR patients – charged up about what you’ve built?

You have a story problem. I can help.

Rent my brain for $150/hour, an hour at a time or longer, and I’ll help you and your organization start to identify how to connect with the people/patients whose attention and loyalty you’d like to attract.

In the patient engagement game, I’m not exactly chopped liver. The WHO tagged me as a patient engagement expert in 2014, based on my participation in the project that built the Patient Engagement Roadmap.

Reach out if you’d like to rent the contents of my cranium. Here are some of the things we can explore:

Brand assessment

A deep dive into what your value proposition really is, and who needs to know about it – what’s the perception of your products and services in your sector, and in your target market?

Your brand is not your logo, or your tagline. Your brand is the gut feeling someone has when they see your logo, or hear your tagline. It’s an emotional connection. I can help you identify your strengths, and put those strengths into authentic messaging that creates an emotional connection with the people and organizations you want to attract.

Social web assessment

A look at your online presence, and how you can weave a web of connection and engagement with your target audience using the emotional-connection tools that communicate your value.

Based on those two core Mighty Casey Media services, I can help you figure out how to build a content library that includes

  • Case studies: telling stories about how you delighted a client will attract other clients
  • White papers: telling in-depth stories that showcase your team’s expertise are a business development magnet
  • Blogging: become a news source for the industry segments you serve
  • Social: be a beacon by sharing industry insights and information
  • Podcasts: host your own radio show, invite prospects and customers to participate
  • Video: create your own business channel, featuring your clients and your team

I also offer presentation coaching services to help your leadership team rock the platform at conferences and trade shows.

Get in touch today to find out more, and to get started!