Ever hear of a little company called Google?

What are they famous for?

How about the Mayo Clinic? What are they famous for?

What’s your company famous for? If you’re not sure – or worse, your answer is something like “technology solutions” or “IT services” – I can help.  Mighty Casey Media helps you create content that tells the remarkable stories that make you & your company famous.

Content that tells the stories about the value you deliver in the marketplace. How do you paint a word picture, or script a video, or build a presentation that effectively tells your story? How do you construct a content library that draws in prospects and helps retain customers?

You need a remarkable story that rides on humor, and humanity.

A remarkable, human-focused story is the foundation of all your business communication content: web copy, marketing materials and campaigns, public relations, presentations, blogs, webinars, podcasts, the whole business-storytelling enchilada.

Make your story funny and you really stand out from your competitors.

Your human story also at the heart of how you develop strong relationships with your customers. Your story is how you build and maintain your brand, how you manage your reputation in the market, how you influence and direct market response to your products and services.

It’s also the only way to build an inbound marketing strategy – that “pull, not push” approach that pulls in your target customers, that sells them on buying from you before you have to “sell” them. Making them laugh will put them in the  mood to buy, if you make them laugh in a way that focuses on you, and your value.

If you need to create compelling content, if your company is struggling to make sense of social media, if you’re getting asked to speak frequently and want to make a big impact on your audiences, you’re in the right place.

I can help.

With a solid focus on business-to-business storytelling, and an equally solid focus the technology and healthcare industry sectors, my goal is to make you famous with your customers. To help you identify, engage, and delight them. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Casey is a uniquely creative and talented communicator and public relations advisor. She has mastered every form of media including broadcast, print, and all variants of electronic and social. Her communication skills are exceptional, and her insight has been especially helpful many times.

~ technology sector client

Who am I? Casey Quinlan, a former network news field producer who helped cover breaking news across the globe, and who knows what makes a great story. I have a rotating cast of highly-talented colleagues I pull in when I need their expertise.

Combining  my media and presentation skills, a background in theater and stand-up comedy, and some serious storytelling and strategic thinking skills, I can drill in on the essence of a brand’s story, and help craft the language that tells that story effectively: in media & PR campaigns, on the web, in presentations, on the air.