I don’t know about you, but I prefer to visit the bathroom alone. Given that preference, I’ve felt, for over a decade now, like I’ve been under attack by advertising in public restrooms. The brain trusts who decided that ads on bathroom stall walls were a smokin’ good way to get their message across have been pushing their products in my face, and I’ve been making note of companies NOT to buy from.

I mean, who wants to buy insurance from some dude who you first see smiling down at you in a bathroom stall? Larry Craig might find that compelling, but I most certainly don’t. Besides, a strange guy in my bathroom means that he’s in the ladies room, which adds another level of weirdness to an already weird scene.

Bathroom walls have long been used for commercial messages, but those have traditionally been along the lines of ‘for a good time call’ or ‘Dwayne + Lola 4 Evah’. Why insurance brokers, day spas, or anyone else would think that bog walls would be an attractive, or even suitable, venue for their messages is beyond me. Well, beer might work, in a bar bog, but bars have notoriously uncontrollable bog walls, and ads posted there might find their messages being morphed by user-generated content. The beer company may find themselves appearing to participate in unnatural acts, or to agree with white supremacists.

Anyone who has any thoughts on why the bog-wall ad is a good idea, please share.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it…

Bathroom Stall Advertising…Why?
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