I had my annual mammogram this last Tuesday – remembering how last year’s formerly routine event wound up, to say I was a little nervous is a vast understatement.

Here’s the news: I’m now officially a survivor.

Looking back at the last 372 days, I have to say it’s been quite a ride. So many people have helped me, have lifted me up, have kept me from feeling that terrible aloneness that’s part of fighting a life-threatening disease.

‘Thank you’ sounds inadequate, but it comes from the deepest and most tender part of my heart.

I will finish the first draft of "Cancer for Christmas" by New Year’s Day. Then it’s on to finding an agent, a publisher, or – best of all possible worlds – both. I’ll be reaching out to Save the Tatas and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, offering them a piece of the cover price in exchange for helping promote the book once it’s published.

My goal is to help anyone in the fight – against cancer, or any other life-changing disease – navigate the medical car-wash and manage their medical care for their benefit.

Because if you don’t, no one else will.

2008 has been quite a journey. I’m in an incredibly wonderful place, which I don’t know that I would recognize had I not had my dance with the Cancer Troll.

2009 is already a mortal lock for my best year yet – I wish you the same!

Cancer for Christmas – One Year Later
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