This site – the main presence on the web for my business – was hacked by a group of losers who fly under the banner h4ck-y0u. They replaced my deathless prose (well, some of it is, at least IMO) with a handprint graphic and the theme from the X Files.

Jeez, kids, bored much?

I have to give both myself and GoDaddy some props – me for figuring out the MySQL fix via the WP Codex (speaking of hackers…); GoDaddy for actually providing real tech support, and it only took two calls to reach a dude named Brian who, to my utter surprise, really did help. Brian: new BFF. Srsly.

Bottom line? I’m working hard over the next couple of days to further harden my WP security.

Be warned: the douche is out there…

HACKED: The Douche Is Out There
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