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The Insane Clown Car Posse (hat tip to my buddy Robb Fulks for that lovely turn of phrase) that’s currently at the helm of the ship of state here in the good old USA has started to give us a peek at their plans for US healthcare. The phrase “shit show” seems to have been invented just so it could be used to describe the excrescence that’s emerging, inch by fetid inch, under the banner of the AHCA, full title “American Health Care Act.” [Personally, I call it “the new National Eugenics Plan,” since the savings the legislation’s backers crow about are clearly gained from sick folks just dyin’ quicker.]

Maybe we could tag it as GOTCHA, “Government Out To Cut Healthcare Access?” Asking for a friend.

“Make America Sick Again!” seems to be the sales pitch here. After the gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and fisticuffs that marked the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the ACA haters – we’ll call them “the entire Republican Party, and all who sail in it” – spent the rest of Obama’s Presidency voting to repeal the law, while doing very little else.

What the ACA, or “Obamacare,” accomplished was to finally put the theory of universal healthcare access on the table for Americans, who had spent the 20th century watching pretty much every other developed nation on the planet create either single payer (a la Britain’s NHS) or insurance-based universal access (in Germany and Switzerland) healthcare delivery systems for their folks.

I say “theory of universal access” because, like all Congressionally-ground sausage, it’s a mix of top cuts of awesome (10 Essential Benefits! Tax Subsidies on Premiums!) with awful offal from the abattoir floor (too much power concentrated in the hands of AHIP, ridiculously narrow networks, uneven Medicaid expansion). But it was a start, after every President since FDR trying, and failing, to get any kind of national healthcare access plan in place.

After trying to throw Obamacare from the train, on a loop, lather/rinse/repeat, for years, once Cheeto Voldemort (I refuse to say, or type, his name – work with me here, people) took up occupancy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the ACA-haters wasted no time in getting their “repeal and replace” dance of the seven veils started. They need at least seven veils to hide this mess, but they’re starting to run out of cloth.

Here are the Greatest Hits (to humanity, and human life) brought to us so far by GOTCHA-care:

  • Instead of getting direct tax subsidies to help pay health insurance premiums – currently, individuals earning less than $47,520, or families of four earning less than $97,200, are eligible for those subsidies – people who need to buy health coverage for themselves and their families will get a following-year tax credit for their coverage. Which sounds great, until you realize that, say, you’re a 58 year old human living in central Virginia who’s a freelancer, making $40,000 per year. You’ll have to shell out around $600 per month (annual total = $7,200) for your individual Silver plan, or $1,000 per month ($12,000 annually) for your family of four’s Silver plan, and then get a munificent … $3,000 per year. The tax subsidies under the ACA, for the same coverages: $3,200 for the individual plan, $10,000 for the family of four.
  • The myth of “choice.” All the messaging coming out of the push for the American Health Care Act is about “giving Americans choices about their care.” What those choices reveal themselves to be are:
    • “Go naked” – no individual mandate to buy insurance coverage. Combined with the hockey stick trajectory of health insurance premiums over the last 30 years, this is an actual “choice” that many people, including me, were forced into before the Affordable Care Act.
    • “Buy a plan you can afford.” – this is code for “buy a craptastic plan that covers nothing.” I know people who had plans like this before the ACA. The ones who got sick after buying these plans are no longer alive if they didn’t survive long enough to get on an ACA plan.
    • “Buy a plan that covers you pretty well, and then live in your car.” With a maximum tax credit of $4,000, for people over 60 years old, those who qualify for AARP membership will find themselves pretty broke-ass if they buy a plan with any kind of comprehensive coverage. Which is why the AARP is flaming Congress over this proposed “replacement.”
  • After improving access to healthcare (before the ACA, 18% of Americans – 47 million people – were uninsured; that number as of January 1, 2017 was down to 11%, 36 million), and starting to see incremental signs of overall public health improvement, the Clown Car now seems to think that throwing 24 million people off the insurance rolls by 2026 is a great idea, while bloviating about a $337 billion deficit reduction. Which sounds great, until you realize that the US spends upwards of $3.35 trillion-with-a-T on healthcare annually, of which up to $1 trillion is estimated to be waste. That’s $1 trillion PER YEAR, making the overspend between now and 2026 close to $10 trillion dollars. That figure makes a $337 billion deficit reduction over ten years look like a bar tab.

The people who put Cheeto Voldemort in office are the biggest losers here, which just proves that low information voters can wind up the punchline in a joke they *thought* they were in on. Our 45th President’s broad promises to “cover everybody” at “lower cost” is laughable in the face of the numbers out of the CBO, and the language in the AHCA itself.

As I said at the outset, this is a shit show. People’s lives are on the line, but the jerktastic folks defending this mess are outright lying about its impact on working class and middle class Americans. My own Congressional (un)representative, Dave Brat, answered my question about rural hospitals and uncompensated care at his Town Hall in February 2017 by pointing at the community clinics that hospitals are setting up to help people who can’t access care … THESE ARE PROGRAMS MADE POSSIBLE, AND PAID FOR, BY THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.

Sorry, was I shouting? <deep breath>

Tom Price, the “healthcare is a privilege, not a right” orthopedic sawbones now at the top of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, outright lied on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, March 12, when he said “nobody will be worse off financially” under the American Health Care Act.

He prevaricated again, at a CNN Town Hall on Wednesday, March 15, when colon cancer survivor Brian Kline asked him point blank, “Why do you want to take away my Medicaid expansion?” Price said, “The fact of the matter is we don’t. We don’t want to take care away from anybody. What we want to make certain, though, is that every single American has access to the kind of coverage and care that they want for themselves.”

Price is fronting that myth of “choice” I mentioned above. They’re lying, they’re ginning up one of the biggest tax bonanzas for the already-wealthy in modern history, while simultaneously reducing access to care for the average American Joe and Jane.

Oh, and if you’re reading this, and thinking, “HAH! You losers, I have coverage through work!” … don’t. Employer sponsored insurance – which I have been saying needs to get clubbed on the head and buried in the woods for a while now – is on the bubble, too, since the Republican plan eliminates a key penalty on employers who don’t offer their employees health coverage.

The American Cancer Society hates this thing. The American College of Physicians hates this thing. Consumers Union *really* hates this thing.

We’ve got to get the insane clowns out of their car before they grind us under that car’s wheels. Time to start taking up some figurative weapons, folks. If the pen – or the keyboard – is mightier than the sword, start swinging that QWERTY blade at your Congressional representatives, now.

Your life is on the line.


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Make America Sick Again!