Ever hit 'send' and then screamed 'noooooooo!'

Come on, we've all done it. Gmail has even created a feature called 'Mail Goggles' to prevent what used to be called 'drink and dial' – initiate the feature, and Gmail will make you do math problems before you can send an email. Highly useful tool for those who hit 'send' while soused.

What about those moments when you're sitting at your desk, stone-cold sober, and you find yourself hitting 'send', after which you think you've just made a huuuuuge mistake?

Well, that might NOT have been a mistake.

A client of mine called me today in a panic. Apparently, while selecting some folks in Outlook to request LinkedIn connections with, this poor soul had inadvertently selected everyone in the database, and then hit 'send'.

And then screamed 'nooooooo!'

I asked, 'and this is bad news because….?' In the time since 'send', a dozen 'yes!' responses had come back from LinkedIn. Some of these connections were people my client hadn't been in touch with for years, and with whom she had some seriously good professional history.

Here's the moral of this particular story: you only get what you ask for. Being a 'private person' is laudable. Hiding your light under a bushel won't get you any attention at all. And it might set fire to the bushel, which has all sorts of other unpleasant consequences.

What are you doing to get some positive attention? Are there people you knew three businesses ago that would be great connections for your business today? The tools are there to reconnect.

Just hit 'send'!

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it…

Mistake? I Don’t Think So…
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