I just watched the July 1 edition of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and I just stopped jumping around and cheering.

Hey, I’m an enthusiastic girl – what can I say?

Why the excessive enthusiasm? Every single person on the show said that there was one fail-safe tool that was always part of their sales approach:


This was an E ticket ride, panel-wise, too: Lisa Robertson, Joe Maloof,  Michael Port, Donna Flagg, Kendra Scott, Michael Port, Guy Kawasaki, Dave Lakhani, and Janine Driver. They all spoke of the power of storytelling in business. So did Deutsch, who as an advertising legend certainly knows the power of a great story better than anyone.

Want to warm up a first meeting? Tell a story. Want to show the power of your product or service? Tell a story. Want to communicate your value better than any set of features and benefits? Tell a story.

I’ve been heard in these precincts since Day 1 saying that your story is one of your most powerful business tools. I’ve also said, several times, that sales is a seduction, and you’ve got to take the Sheherazade approach: tell a compelling story. It will certainly save your business – maybe even your life!

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it…

One of the Most Effective Sales Tools Ever – Storytelling
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