Back in early '07 (prehistory, in the current Prez race), John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, announced that her breast cancer had come back. Incurable, but treatable, was the statement. Edwards said he would not halt his campaign. At the time, that seemed to be a mutual decision.

In light of  recent revelations it would seem that perhaps Edwards' ego (and other, more fleshy parts) might have been driving the bus on that decision.

Elliott "was Ness, now Mess" Spitzer's flame-out was less of a surprise – relentless scolds are less likely to live lives above reproach.

Neither, it would appear, do egos with hairdos. I really wanted to think better of Edwards.

The Ego has landed. Right on his carefully styled head. Directly into the sewer. And with Jay McInerney's old squeeze, no less. Ouch.

It appears Ms. Hunter didn't care for Elizabeth Edwards. I'm shocked. Shocked.

I'm still waiting for a national-scale female politician to slip on the sex-scandal banana peel. I think I'll be waiting a while. 

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it…

The Ego Has Landed – What a Shock. Not.
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