Below is something that my good friend Mary Foley sent out to her Live Like Your Nail Color Club this week. First, let me say this: Grrlz, get your mammograms. Guyz, encourage the women you love to get their mammos. Trust me, it's a very good thing.

Also, check out Mary's radio show with Susie Galvez, Girlfriend We Gotta Talk, on Thursday, Oct. 16 at 5:30pm Eastern on WHAN 1430AM in Ashland VA – or as a podcast on the GFWGT website starting on Friday, Oct. 17 – to hear me talk about how a mammogram saved my life when I got cancer for Christmas last year.

Another thing I gotta say: Mary has been one of the MVP's on my Fight-Cancer team. Bodacious, bold, and fierce. She's the shizzle, all that and a bag of chips, the whole nine yards, and so much more.

OK – here's Mary's message:

Hey – are you familiar with my 4 steps for
doing your nails and living like your nail color? 

Today I was thinking about STEP 1.

STEP 1 is called "Preparation" because before you put on new finger or toe nail polish you have to prepare your nails. Take off old polish, trim, file, maybe do a little exfoliation to clean up your cuticles.

Bottom line is that you're getting back to your naked nails. It's a great time to reflect on your true, authentic self. So many women put themselves down one way or another. Truth is there's some really good stuff inside each of us, if we allow ourselves to remember.

To shift from criticizing yourself to recognizing the good stuff, I recommend you ask yourself a simple question while you're preparing your nails for new polish:

Ask Yourself — > What's 1 thing I've done recently I feel good about & why?

Maybe it's an act of kindness like calling a friend who had a tough day. Maybe it's an act of courage like saying "no thanks" to another volunteer activity that will put your sanity on "tilt."

Take a moment to answer this question. I'm sure you've done a thing or 2 to feel good about. Let the good feelings wash over you. Your actions may seem small, but they are powerful reflections of your true, authentic self.

I was thinking about STEP 1 today and my heart is jazzed about my answer to that question.

You can imagine how much of a kick I get out of each nail polish color I create for the Live Like Your Nail Color Club. This month's color is extra special.

It's a peachy-pinkish color called "Mammo Mango" I co-created with my friend Casey Quinlan. Mammo is short for mammogram, that test we love to hate, but one Casey has learned to love. 

Because it saved her life.

Truth is, if she didn't get her annual mammogram last December and if she didn't take charge of her treatment she might not be alive today.

I'm soooo admire how Casey courageously set out to banish cancer from her body. After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, the fight isn't over but she's winning!

So, I asked her to co-create "Mammo Mango" nail polish. And, I captured her story and put it on a CD. I'm sending one of each to every member of the Live Like Your Nail Color Club this month in their Oct Goodie Package.

We're celebrating the power of a mammogram, the power of taking charge of your own health, and the power of the human spirit.

Here are 3 ways you can celebrate with us!

1.  Go get your annual mammogram! 

Just do it!  Celebrate if you don't have any problems. Gather your family and friends together for support if you do. 

2.  Join the Live Like Your Nail Color Club and put on some "Mammo Mango" polish. Be inspired by Casey's story. Be proud that you're in charge of your health.

A 3-month Mini-Membership is only $39, which is small on price but big on increasing your sanity, confidence and fun. 

Bet you'll laugh at the nail color names I created for Nov & Dec.  Check 'em out here:

Live Like Your Nail Color Club

3.  Completely Brand New!  Give a Gift Membership to the Club to a friend.

Someone who is battling breast cancer, someone who won the fight, or someone you know who needs a boost.

Choose between a 3-month Mini or Annual Membership, which includes a bonus Starter Kit with 2 more fun polishes, base coat, top coat, nail file, and toe separators. 

I'll send them a card bragging on you and welcoming them to the Club.  😉

Look for the wrapped presents to click on here:

Give the Gift of Living Like Your Nail Color!


OK – that's my story (and Mary's)…and we're both stickin' to it!

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