I think I'm on to something.

Not that this is entirely a surprise, but it's nice when the universe sends you positive feedback fast.

Today, the Greater Richmond Technology Council had an IT recruiter + candidate mixer called TechNOW.

Given the current landscape locally, with Qimonda closing its chip plant, Genworth dealing with a mortgage-market induced stock price meltdown, and Circuit City sinking like a dying whale, the job market is heavy on the candidate side.

Which is true in every market across the globe, I think.

What was great to see today @ TechNOW was the number of people actively engaged in discussion about consulting and project-based work, which is the non-job sort of money-for-value-given engagement I was getting at in yesterday's post.

I had the opportunity to do some individual coaching with a guy who's got a deep background in web-based process & usability IT. He's got two of the area's biggest employers on his resumé, with many years of service at both of them.

As we talked, it became clear to me, and I think to him, that he has mad skilz, and heavy experience, in that web-enabled business process development. Why not start branding himself as an expert in that area, using social media tools to engage with companies he'd like to work with?

Not work for, 'cause this is the Brave New No-Job World, baby.

I think he agreed with me.

That's why I do what I do – I live to help you tell your very best story. Today, I think I made a difference, which makes all the difference to me.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it…

The Story (& the Song) Remain the Same
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