Wow.  Who knew that Anna Nicole had so much to offer a tired, cold, mid-winter media scrum?

What a terrific window into the glories of Western Civ, that citadel of freedom of thought, the free exchange of ideas, the elevating power of art.  Whyever would anyone think we were corrupt?  The Great Satan?

As the flock of dodos, um, media professionals descended on South Florida over the last several weeks to pick over the slowly rotting, not-so-corpulent-thanks-to-TrimSpa corpse of the late and over-lamented Ms. Smith, the following occured:

  • several thousand people died in Darfur
  • more than 100 Americans died in Iraq
  • more than 1500 Iraqis died in Iraq – and not peacefully in their sleep
  • North Korea continues to wave nukes at the US – unfortunately, the dweebs in DC seem to think Kim Jong Il is waving a white flag.  That’s no white flag, dudes, that’s the puff of smoke still dissipating after the NK nuke test last October…

When I started in the TV news business back at the dawn of time – or maybe it was 1980 – the world was a bigger place.  It was harder to get a signal out of the back of beyond, the internet didn’t exist, and the word info-tainment had yet to be coined.  We have, it seems, become a global village – a collection of gossipy grandmas clucking over the latest version of Hollywood Confidential.

That noise you hear in the background?  That’s Ed Murrow banging on the inside of his casket in frustration…

What the….?
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